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Leinonen Bulgaria is part of an internationally established accountancy and advisory Group with presence in 12 countries and 31 years of knowledge and experience.

Although Bulgaria is an EU member state, it does not use the Euro and retains various unique regulations and traditions regarding accounting, labour relations and more. As a result, setting up a foreign-owned business here presents unique challenges.

There is no substitute for having an ally in Bulgaria who can help ease your entry into the country. For a growing number of business people, that ally is Leinonen.Get started with initial consultation and we will find a suitable solution for you.


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We pioneered the outsourcing of core business processes in Eastern Europe, including Bulgaria. The professionals that staff our Bulgarian office are highly trained and were chosen by us for their winning combination of expertise and strong commitment to the overall success of our clients.


We are your local partner for accounting, payroll and advisory in Bulgaria!

With a vast knowledge and expertise of local and international accounting regulations, our client base varies from individual entrepreneurs to large multinational corporations.

We organize a free introductory call to fully understand your needs and company situation.

We create a dedicated service offer based on your needs.

We create a step-by-step plan on how to start and proceed based on our proven onboarding process.

We implement, you concentrate on your business! Don’t be afraid of too much complexity! Our experienced team leaders will ensure smooth and organized journey along the whole way.


Explore How we can Help your Business

Leinonen is uniquely qualified to help your Bulgarian enterprise find its way.


Accounting in Bulgaria

If your plans include setting up a business in Bulgaria, you will need to make sure the accounting agency you use is up to the task. Leinonen have been offering accounting services in Bulgaria and elsewhere in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe for more than 30 years. We have the experience and the expertise to ensure your books are always up to Bulgarian standards.


Payroll in Bulgaria

People want and expect their pay to be correct and to be delivered on time. Medium and large-sized companies that handle their own payroll are not only spending more than they need to on payroll processing, they also risk being overwhelmed by the process and making avoidable errors. Leinonen’s payroll management in Bulgaria can streamline your payroll process and eliminate troublesome errors.


Management Reporting in Bulgaria

In today’s competitive global economy, businesses need every advantage they can get. Expert management reporting can provide just that. Leinonen management reporting in Bulgaria is an essential tool for foreign business owners looking to strengthen their Bulgarian enterprise.

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Open a company in Bulgaria

Whether you plan to set up a tech company in Sofia or a tourism business in Varna, Leinonen can make the company establishment process much easier than if you try to handle it alone. Our company establishment services can save you significant time, money, and hassle. For more than 30 years we have been helping foreign entrepreneurs and investors establish themselves in countries throughout Northern, Central and Eastern Europe and we can do the same for you.


Legal Services in Bulgaria

Any entrepreneur or corporation looking to open a company in, or expand into Bulgaria need to have their legal services sorted out as early as possible. The right legal services in Bulgaria can help with everything from company and tax registration, representation to authorities, contracts, IP protection and more.


Taxation in Bulgaria

Tax compliance is a serious matter; you are either in compliance or you are not. And if you are not, the National Revenue Agency of Bulgaria could make things very difficult for you. Leinonen have a lot of experience working with foreign-owned businesses in Eastern Europe. We understand common tax issues that arise and can assist you in dealing with all kinds of challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

We can work with our own as well as the client’s preferred software. Most frequently we use programs like Visma, Navision and Fortnox. In the CIS region, the accounting software 1C is used by more than 90 % of the market. This is because generally it is the only software that connects directly to government entities for reporting purposes, and is updated constantly to match the ever-changing legislative environment.

Our offices are certified with ISO 9001:2015 by Bureau Veritas quality certificate, which is also reviewed annually. Additionally, to hiring only the best, we try to have a Finnish manager present in every local office to regulate and support the work there. If you wish, we can provide references that can vouch for the quality of our work.

Over 30 years experience in challenging markets; presence in 12 countries and the local know-how there; high-quality group service standards; small enough to care, big enough to deliver.

The structure of pricing depends on the nature of requested services and its volumes. Some pricing can be as a fixed fee, some on an hourly rate. One thing you can be sure of is that we have a fair and transparent structure of pricing that you can understand. We can provide you with most suitably tailored pricing once you have returned the Offer Questionnaire or have met with us.

Client confidentiality is essential to us, as we are sure you can appreciate. Still, we are confident that if you wish we can ask for permission and deliver the necessary references.

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Everything we do we do to facilitate your success:


Trying to get a foreign enterprise off the ground is a stressful and uncertain process. We remove much of that stress and uncertainty by providing reliable accounting, payroll, and other services. When you partner with Leinonen, important components of your business are running smoothly right out of the gate.

Time savings

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to success in a foreign country is the learning curve involved in understanding local accounting, taxation and payroll standards. When you outsource your accounting and other business processes to Leinonen, you not only reduce the learning curve, you eliminate it.


A more efficient business is a more flexible business. Outsourcing core business processes to Leinonen will make your company both more efficient and more flexible. This enhanced flexibility means you will be better able to respond effectively to shifting market forces or challenges caused by significant economic developments.

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