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Leinonen Finland is an internationally established accountancy and advisory firm with 31 years of knowledge and experience.

Need help with establishing a company, managing financial services, or communicating with local tax authorities? We offer tailor-made solutions to be the most reliable partner for accounting and payroll services in Finland.

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We are your local partner for accounting, payroll and advisory in Finland!

With a vast knowledge and expertise of local and international accounting regulations, our client base varies from individual entrepreneurs to large multinational corporations.

We organize a free introductory call to fully understand your needs and company situation.

We create a dedicated data collection form to easily gather and structure the needed information.

We create a step-by-step plan on how to start and proceed based on our proven onboarding process.

We implement, you concentrate on your business! Don’t be afraid of too much complexity! Our experienced team leaders will ensure smooth and organized journey along the whole way.

Leinonen Finland Services

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Leinonen Finalnd is an internationally established accountancy and advisory firm with 31 years of knowledge and experience. Our 13 offices are scattered around Scandinavia, Baltic states and Central Eastern Europe – altogether 11 countries, i.e., Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakstan and Ukraine. Our service portfolio includes accounting, payroll management, taxation, legal and advisory services. All of our services are custom-molded to suit your business needs.


Accounting Services in Finland

We believe that spot on accounting is the cornerstone of any successful business. High-quality accounting brings transparency and gives management a clear overview of the company’s business and financial situation. Your team can now focus entirely on their work and bring home even more significant results.


Payroll Services in Finland

As the employment regulations, requirements and agreements are country-specific and have the tendency of changing rapidly, extensive hands-on local expertise is required.
Payroll services in Leinonen are conducted by experts who are always up to date with the latest changes in the local legislation.


VAT + Employer registration in Finland

Foreign businesses selling goods or services subject to VAT within Finland, are liable for VAT and need to be registered in the Finnish VAT register. If personnel needs to be hired to work in Finland, the business needs to be registered in the Finnish employer register. We offer a complete VAT and employer compliance service in Finland including registration and reporting needed to comply with the local tax and other regulations.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


Company establishment in Finland

Setting a company in a foreign country is always a challenge: specific legal forms to be considered, different administrative procedures, many documents that need to be filled in or delivered. We look after your new company in Finland: form the legal body of the company and conduct all the necessary registrations.


Taxation services in Finland

On many occasions, Tax Advisory at Leinonen, through our partners in the field, is linked to accounting services. The taxation of international businesses changes frequently and is somewhat difficult to comprehend, even if the company is operating in merely one country. No need for you to worry though, we are here to assist you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


Frequently Asked Questions.

The first thing you should do is send us an email so we can schedule a meeting or a call. We would like to know more about your business and to discuss the scope of your needs: number of transactions that move through your account each month, annual revenue, the number of clients that you have, the number of employees that are on the payroll etc.

Additionally, we send you a questionnaire that helps us map your needs and requirements. Based on this information we are able to compile an offer. Once we understand how the process works for you currently, we can suggest improvements and how to best move forward with outsourcing.

Please remember that we are always pleased to meet and negotiate the offer as well as agreement conditions and other details. Our consultation is complimentary so you can learn more about our expertise and services.

We provide our services according to our clients’ needs, so there is no necessity to outsource entire accounting and payroll. In fact, sometimes it makes more sense to just outsource some processes or functions.

For example, you can have a junior accountant within your company taking care of day-to-day tasks and documentation, while Leinonen accountants execute general ledger or tax functions, money transactions and reporting. The complexity of the outsourced services really depends on your demand.

We can work with our own as well as the client’s preferred software. Most frequently we use softwares like Finago Procountor, Briox, Directo and Netvisor for accounting and Mepco HRM for payroll.

In every country, we provide services in accordance with the local laws and regulations. We follow the European GDPR regulation. To guarantee the maximum level of privacy we have internal group auditing practices and encrypt most of the handled documentation.

We serve both local and international clients from single-person companies to multi-billion dollar international companies. It can be said that many of our clients are somewhat involved in international trade.

A typical case would be a foreign-owned business, where the foreign owner of the local subsidiary wants to follow the local laws and regulations. They would like to hand accounting over to a trusted partner who is an expert in those laws and regulations. This way they can focus on their business, while Leinonen takes care of accounting, taxation and reporting formalities.

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Our reputation is based on the quality of our services:

Quality and Compliance

We follow international accounting and business standards, and we understand the needs of international clients.


Our goal is to offer tailor-made services and to be the best possible partner in the field of accounting and payroll services in Finland to ensure accurate and timely reporting which enables clients to evaluate business performance.

Data Trust and Security

To guarantee the maximum level of privacy and security we have internal group auditing practices and encrypt most of the handled documentation. We guarantee full back-up and data safety.

Client Base

Leinonen in Finland serves local and international clients of all sizes and as part of Leinonen Group we serve globally 1500+ clients in different areas of businesses.

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