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Leinonen Kazakhstan is part of an internationally established accountancy and advisory Group with a presence in 11 countries and 34 years of knowledge and experience.

Setting up and running a foreign-owned entity in Kazakhstan may seem like an intimidating task, but it does not have to be. Leinonen exist to help those who want to create a commercial presence here succeed. To do so we provide a host of reliable outsourcing options that will make your operation efficient, flexible and competitive from Day 1. This allows the clients to focus on improving their business not on accounting.

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Leinonen Kazakhstan exists for one reason and one reason only: to facilitate your success. We understand the challenges facing foreign entrepreneurs and corporations attempting to establish a presence in this part of the world and design our services specifically to overcome those challenges.


We are your local partner for accounting, payroll and advisory in Kazakhstan!

With a vast knowledge and expertise of local and international accounting regulations, our client base varies from individual entrepreneurs to large multinational corporations.

We organize a free introductory call to fully understand your needs and company situation.

We create a dedicated service offer based on your needs.

We create a step-by-step plan on how to start and proceed based on our proven onboarding process.

We implement, you concentrate on your business! Don’t be afraid of too much complexity! Our experienced team leaders will ensure smooth and organized journey along the whole way.


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Accounting in Kazakhstan

The professional accountants in our Kazakhstan branch have comprehensive knowledge of the complex and ever-changing regulatory statutes. If you are in search of accounting in Kazakhstan that will serve your interests while maintaining harmony between your business and the local authorities, Leinonen are the ones to trust.


Payroll in Kazakhstan

Leinonen provide payroll services in Kazakhstan that enable businesses, especially foreign-owned businesses, to breathe easy. The breadth of our international experience has few equals and the quality and integrity of our work speaks for itself.

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Open a company in Kazakhstan

We can provide assistance with every aspect of the Establishment process and help you minimize the risks associated with founding a new company or expanding into a foreign market. When it comes to carrying out the necessary registrations, we will help you get on your feet as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Accounting in Kazakhstan is done almost exclusively with the program 1C, the same as in most CIS countries. The reason for this is that the regulatory environments in these countries change often, and the 1C platform is the only one that is automatically updated and connected to the authorities’ databases. If you would like to use other software, contact us and we can assess the project together with you.

Additionally, we send you a questionnaire that helps us map your needs and requirements. Based on this information we are able to compile an offer. Once we understand how the process works for you currently, we can suggest improvements and how to best move forward with outsourcing.

Please remember that we are always pleased to meet and negotiate the offer as well as agreement conditions and other details. Our consultation is complimentary so you can learn more about our expertise and services.

We would be happy to take care of your accounting at Leinonen Kazakhstan. Please contact us so we can schedule a meeting or a call. We would like to know more about your business and to discuss the scope of your needs: the number of transactions that move through your accounts each month, the number of clients that you have, the number of employees on the payroll etc. Based on this information we are able to compile an offer. Once we understand how the process works for you currently, we can suggest improvements and how to best move forward with accounting outsourcing in Kazakhstan.

Please remember that we are always happy to meet and negotiate the offer as well as conditions and other details. Our consultation is complimentary so you can learn more about our expertise and services.

We strongly believe in our Finnish values, which set us apart from competitors. We operate in 11 countries and have the best local know-how in each one. We have created high-quality group service standards and are small enough to care, but big enough to deliver.

The structure of pricing depends on the nature of requested services and its volumes. Some pricing can be as a fixed fee, some on an hourly rate. One thing you can be sure of is that we have a fair and transparent structure of pricing that you can understand. Once we have had a discussion about your needs, we can tailor a service package that suits them.

Client confidentiality is essential to us, as we are sure you can appreciate. Still, we are confident that if you wish, we can ask for permission and deliver the necessary references.

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Everything we do we do to facilitate your success:


Our clients can rest easy knowing that our work is always performed to the highest standards and that we always deliver on time.

Ethical conduct

Some outsourcing companies cut corners and embrace dodgy practices in an attempt to optimise profits. We have no time for that. We play things straight from Day 1. We make sure to tailor fit to the client’s needs depending on the industry or the size.

Keeping the client’s interests up front

Our purpose is to help you succeed. To do that we need to filter everything we do through the consideration of your best interests.

Continual improvement

We insist that every member of the Leinonen Kazakhstan staff undergo continual upgrading of their skill set. We’re never surprised by new technology or regulations.

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